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Lean Six Sigma Industry-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum San Antonio

Lean Six Sigma is a method that has grown over the past decade in the U.S. Of course, its origin isn’t that recent but rather takes us to the 1980s when industries needed to compete with Japanese products. However, it is so popular nowadays because of how companies, businesses, students, business professionals, and any individual can implement it in their lives or work areas. At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for San Antonio High School Students of Texas, we have seen the grow of this methodology and its industry and want to take you down a few aspects, so you understand its necessity in your life.

First, it is important to know that Lean Six Sigma is a method used to eliminate or reduce wasteful activities. It emphasizes removing unnecessary steps from a process and focusing on the most valuable steps. In addition, LSS ensures customer satisfaction and high-quality manufacturing. Thus, the reason why its main use has remained in the manufacturing area.

Regardless, it has become a popular strategy for continuous improvement in both the manufacturing and public sectors. Any organization worldwide must strive for continuous improvement to improve its quality, operational excellence, and performance.

This has revolutionized manufacturing from all angles: the people, the machinery, the logistics, and administration. However, it has also been proven that continuous improvement and waste elimination are required in any industry and business type. This is where LSS truly starts to shine in the USA.

Lean Six Sigma provides several tools to companies. These tools can be used in all company areas, including general management, finances, processes unrelated to manufacturing, and more. Since LSS comes from the individual methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma and how they focus on efficiency and reducing waste, several industries adapt the general method to their needs.

Lean Six Sigma History-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum San Antonio

What Are the Lean & Six Sigma Methodologies?

The Lean methodology is a proven tool that has worked since the dawning of the industrial age. Businesses have always sought to improve performance, meet customer expectations and still improve their bottom line with the principles of this one in particular. The basic ones: Lean is a philosophy that focuses on eliminating waste and providing the best possible customer experience.

Understanding the best methods and combinations them to make the most impact on the business is the basis of Lean Six Sigma. 

Six Sigma basics are used to improve manufacturing in specific due to the DMAIC structure it establishes (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control). This type of quality control was originally designed for large-scale manufacturers as it aims to improve processes and eliminate defects.

Six Sigma and Lean have been popular performance improvement methods since their inception in the automotive industry in the USA. Although Six Sigma and Lean may be rooted in manufacturing, they can also be applied to other industries due to their principles and ideologies.

After all, companies, universities, businesses, public sectors, and more only want to ensure they can perform processes more efficiently, reduce costs, and offer the best solutions, products, and services while spending less.

The Lean Six Sigma industry in the USA started growing for this reason as industries or sectors like healthcare, education, and more noticed their improvement in systems and processes for their benefit and their clients’ and students’ benefits.

Main Industries that Utilize Lean Six Sigma in the USA

Manufacturing in every way continues to be the main industry that finds LSS to be useful, which is reasonable considering the methodology was created around it. Regardless, all these four industries can benefit from it, and this is the reason why, in the USA, all of them make sure to inculcate Six Sigma to their workers:

Financial and legal services, another process-driven industry, are well-positioned to reap the method's benefits. A request for a bank loan or an insurance quote can go through several systems before it is complete. It is possible to reduce non-value-adding tasks and eliminate errors, which can significantly increase customer satisfaction.

Education and Six Sigma seem at first glance incompatible. But many of the activities involved in providing education can be repeated and improved with it.

Lean Six Sigma methods are increasingly being recognized in education because they help schools operate more efficiently and direct more resources to the classroom. They can be used in order to reduce variance and streamline administrative processes such as admissions, enrollment, grant administration, repair and maintenance, and certification. Lean and Six Sigma can also be used to maximize the potential of students and teachers when they learn the methodology by themselves or by just being implemented during the educational years.

Retail and hospitality industries rely on customer service excellence, prompt delivery of products, and accurate inventory counts.

With great success, global retailers like Nike, Amazon, and Staples have all used Six Sigma principles to improve their business models. Leveraging Six Sigma and Lean will result in better customer outcomes and greater sales.

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How to Access Lean Six Sigma Training in the USA?

It is as simple as relying on companies like us at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of San Antonio. Our experts have worked with the methodology for over ten years and understand how to implement it in every industry but, more importantly, inculcate it to any professional, student, or company in the country that wants to reap its benefits.

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