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Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for San Antonio High School Students

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Lean Six Sigma High School-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum San Antonio

Most people wouldn’t consider Lean Six Sigma as an opportunity for high school students as a way to add value to their curriculums. However, most individuals do not understand how the methodology can open many doors in their college and work careers and other opportunities. When you work with professionals like us at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for San Antonio High School Students of Texas, you give them the chance to become more organized and disciplined and develop valuable skills that will open most paths they choose.

Our knowledge of LSS and how it allows them to grow personally and professionally is valuable. More high schools, colleges, students, and business professionals are starting to notice the relevance and importance of dedicating some time to learning this method.

All of this knowledge will also help students with their credits when graduating depending on the level—or better known as ‘belt’ in LSS—they choose to take.

Lean 6 Sigma is not very common among high school students in Texas but among companies and professionals. It is not common in schools as people see the benefits when related to manufacturing and procedures in a business or company.

People are more focused on the process improvement of businesses, not on how it can help someone’s future. But, think about it this way: when learning 6 Sigma, the individual getting trained is the one that will improve their skills and learn all the necessary; why not believe it can help students?

When in doubt, the general answer is that students should be able to reap the benefits of Lean 6 Sigma investments as they will learn how to manage their time and work in developing a problem-solving aptitude along with decision-making and collaborative work. All this while learning everything in the LSS methodology.

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Why Should High School Students Get Trained in LSS?

In our company, we can provide training based on the yellow and green belts for schools and any student individually. We also get them certified once they complete any training and ensure they are ready to use LSS to their advantage.

We have created a program and service for students to help them understand the methodology and not make it too complicated. This will also cover the lack of experience they may suffer compared to regular training. Is it worth the time and effort required to get it? We are certain you’ll be convinced once you see the benefits they bring:

  • Open more career options.
  • Opportunities for employment in any industry or field.
  • Earn credits towards graduation and college applications.
  • Higher salary for any work.
  • Learn valuable skills to work with LSS but also other methodologies.
  • Learn how to be organized and teamwork.
  • Learn how to work under pressure.

This list is just an idea of how they will benefit from the methodology, and all the information regarding what they learn and how to get them access is right below.

What Will High School Students Learn with Lean Six Sigma?

Everything will usually depend on the belt they choose or the high school that allies with us want to include in their curriculums. The belts come with a different outline with the knowledge they will gain about Six Sigma. You can think of them as regular training.

A yellow belt is for the essential aspects, and a green belt is for the more advanced topics and tools. Although there are more advanced ones like black belts, we recommend not jumping to this one over the other two. In fact, a green belt will be required for the latter, while a yellow belt is not needed for a green one, but we highly recommend you take it.

You must also consider the main purpose of students and their relationship with LSS.

The yellow belt course will help them improve their personal skills and grow, preparing them for the future and social relationships or interactions beyond LSS.

A green belt can be used to help with team-based situations. It also helps in finding solutions when working with other members of the company or business, or even in college when teamwork is needed.

You won’t be able to know what the focus is unless you look at the course outline. However, we can assure you that they will gain more than just “simple” knowledge of Sigma. We want them to be able to work anywhere they want to and finish their studies in any college or school.

Additionally, we at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of San Antonio have made sure that the course was designed in a way that is flexible and allows for both online and in-person learning.

This will ensure that high school students can manage their time and schedule and not just try to fit it into the few free hours they have every week. Now, is there any difference between online and in-person training? There is not. It’s more about your preferences than the actual differences.

Are Students Eligible to Become Certified in Lean Six Sigma?


They can become certified if they have completed the training. We make sure that they have the option open as soon as they finish the yellow belt or green belt and ensure they take the exam after they have completed the LSS course or a couple of days later.

This is to ensure their understanding and compliance as well as work towards the certifications that they require. This is why you don’t need to be worried about it. Instead, think about where and when you would like us to deliver our services.

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You can reach our experts and trainers anywhere in the state, regardless of your location or whether your school is private or public. Everybody can offer their students a better future with our Lean Six Sigma High School services.

If you are a particular student or parent that read about our LSS service and want it for your curriculum, you are free to contact us for the service as we do not work with high schools directly only. Instead, we serve anyone who complies with age and is in need of learning this new methodology.